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National Public Housing Museum
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• Member of the team that developed the HOPE VI redevelopment plan for Robert Taylor Homes B
      (8 bldgs.) and Dearborn Homes. Taylor B approved for $25 million in funding.


Oversight and execution of all responsibilities related to the real estate closing from site

      remediation to contractor selection through construction completion for a 96 unit

      development for the formerly homeless.

• Co-authored four strategic plans for the Chicago Housing Authority (Dearborn Homes, Stateway                      Gardens, Robert Taylor Homes A, Robert Taylor Homes B).


• Co-authored the Empowerment Zone application for the Bronzeville Institute. Approved for funding.


• Authored the Empowerment Zone application for the Overton Hygienic building. Approved for                   



Conducted a needs assessment and market survey for the historic Wabash YMCA. 


• Evaluated community development and greening programs for a Chicago-based foundation and                      developed recommendations for grant-making. Drafted the RFP announcing the new program                        and recommended grantees for funding.


Determined the feasibility of a capital campaign for the 250-bed Chicago Youth Hostel; assisted in   

      site selection; and built public and private support for the project.


• Designed an affordable home-ownership pilot program for the physically disabled to assist them to                  purchase and customize an existing home.


• Designed and conducted focus groups and completed market analysis for residential rental                              properties owned by a REIT.


• Co-authored a Human Investment Plan for Kansas City, Missouri.


Researched and identified Advisory Commission members for an exhibit on global trade.

• Completed HUD comprehensive needs assessments for eight properties in Illinois and Indiana       

       to determine the near and long-term, physical, social and economic development needs of       

       the properties.

• Authored a HUD Section 202 application for funding for 60 units of senior citizen housing.         

       Approved for funding.

Planned and managed launch of a new national cultural institution in an historic building.

       Including organizational development and capacity building, fundraising/resource development,

       board development, community outreach and engagement, real estate matters.

• Assisted in the marketing and project analysis for a new community in Argentina consisting of 2,500 units         of housing, retail and commercial services and amenities, and public facilities.


Identified and raised $10 million in funding for a bi-lingual child care, senior and

       community center.


• Identified and assisted in obtaining a $4 million state grant to develop a child care center for children               impacted by HIV/AIDS.


• Led a 100 year-old women's organization and housing provider through an organizational transformation.

      Authored a needs analysis which resulted in property sale, staff changes and transition to a grant-   

      making organization.


• Created a post-occupancy plan for Westhaven Park (Phase 2 of the Henry Horner Homes 


• Executive Project Manager for the North Lawndale Community Learning Center.

Identified and assembled the team for a mixed-use affordable historic artist housing 

       development. Co-created the building concept.

• Co-led a team in the planning and pre-development for the renovation of an historic art center including          reviewing programming, asset mapping and creating a master plan for the site.

Staffed and led the Rosenwald Transformation Task Force.

• Co-developer for multi-site mixed-use community redevelopment project in Greater Grand Crossing. 

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Hostelling International Chicago
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